Chapter 48.36A RCW



HTMLPDF 48.36A.010Fraternal benefit society defined.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.020Lodge systemLodges for children.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.030Representative form of government.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.040Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.050Beneficial operationsLaws and rules.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.060Membership classes, rights, grievances.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.070Location of office and meetingsOfficial publications, annual statement.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.080Immunity of officersIndemnification of person responsibleInsurance for liability.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.090Nonwaiver provisions.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.100Formation of domestic societyProcedures and requirements.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.110Amendment of society's laws.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.120Not-for-profit institutions authorizedFuneral homes prohibited.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.130Reinsurance.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.140Consolidation and merger.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.150Conversion to mutual life insurance company.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.160Contractual benefits.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.170Designation of beneficiaryFuneral benefits.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.180Protection of benefits.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.190Benefit certificatesImpaired reserves.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.200Paid-up nonforfeiture benefits and cash surrender values.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.210Authorized investments.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.220AssetsInvestment and disbursement.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.230Chapter exclusive.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.240Funds tax exempt, exception.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.250Valuation standardsReserves.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.260Annual financial statement.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.263Filing of financial statements.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.270Licenses and renewalsFeesExisting societies.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.272Notice of intent to suspend, revoke, or refuse to renew a license.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.274Duration of suspension.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.276Reauthorization of license.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.278Notice to agents of loss of authority.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.280Examinations.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.282Transactions hazardous to certificate holders or creditorsStandards for consideration.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.284Determination of financial conditionHazardous to certificate holdersCommissioner's orderHearing.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.286Rehabilitation, liquidation, or conservation of societySame as insurance companiesPriority of distribution of claims.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.290License requiredObtaining.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.310Deficiencies, noncompliance by societiesActions against license.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.320Requirements for injunction.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.330Insurance producers.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.340Unfair trade practices.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.350Service of process upon commissioner.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.360Penalties.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.370Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.380World War I societies.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.390Fraternal mutual insurers.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.400Fraternal mutual life insurers.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.410Review of commissioner's decisions and findings.
HTMLPDF 48.36A.901Effective date1987 c 366.