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Duties of insurer issuing both participating and nonparticipating policiesRules.

(1) A life insurer issuing both participating and nonparticipating policies shall maintain records which segregate the participating from the nonparticipating business and clearly show the profits and losses upon each such category of business.
(2) For the purposes of such accounting the insurer shall make a reasonable allocation as between the respective such categories of the expenses of such general operations or functions as are jointly shared. Any allocation of expense as between the respective categories shall be made upon a reasonable basis, to the end that each category shall bear a just portion of joint expense involved in the administration of the business of such category.
(3) No policy hereafter delivered or issued for delivery in this state shall provide for, and no life insurer or representative shall hereafter knowingly offer or promise payment, credit or distribution of participating "dividends," "earnings," "profits," or "savings," by whatever name called, to participating policies out of such profits, earnings or savings on nonparticipating policies.
(4) The commissioner may promulgate rules for the purpose of assuring the equitable treatment of all policyholders so that one group of policyholders shall not support or be supported by another group of policyholders.


Severability1982 c 181: See note following RCW 48.03.010.
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