Chapter 48.23 RCW



48.23.010Scope of chapter.
48.23.015Purchase or exchange of annuitiesDefinitionsStandardsRequirementsConductRecordsPenaltiesRules.
48.23.020Standard provisions requiredLife insurance.
48.23.030Grace period.
48.23.040Entire contractRepresentations.
48.23.060Misstatement of age.
48.23.070Participation in surplus.
48.23.075Participation in surplusRequirements for forms.
48.23.080Policy loan.
48.23.085Policy loan interest rates.
48.23.090Table of values and options.
48.23.100Nonforfeiture options.
48.23.110Table of installments.
48.23.130Settlement on proof of death.
48.23.140Standard provisionsAnnuities, pure endowment contracts.
48.23.150Grace periodAnnuities, pure endowments.
48.23.160IncontestabilityAnnuities, pure endowments.
48.23.170Entire contractAnnuities, pure endowments.
48.23.180Misstatement of age or sexAnnuities, pure endowments.
48.23.190DividendsAnnuities, pure endowments.
48.23.200Nonforfeiture benefitsAnnuities, pure endowments.
48.23.210ReinstatementAnnuities, pure endowments.
48.23.220Standard provisionsReversionary annuities.
48.23.230Sections applicable.
48.23.240ReinstatementReversionary annuities.
48.23.250Supplemental benefits.
48.23.260Limitation of liability.
48.23.270Incontestability after reinstatement.
48.23.290Premium deposits.
48.23.300Policy settlementsInterest.
48.23.310Deduction of indebtedness.
48.23.320Miscellaneous proceeds.
48.23.330Trafficking in dividend rights.
48.23.340Prohibited policy plans.
48.23.345Juvenile life insuranceSpeculative or fraudulent purposes.
48.23.360Calculation of nonforfeiture benefits under annuities.
48.23.370Duties of insurer issuing both participating and nonparticipating policiesRules.
48.23.380Return of policy and refund of premiumGrace periodNoticeEffect.
48.23.410Short title.
48.23.420Inapplicability of enumerated sections to certain policies.
48.23.430Paid-up annuity and cash surrender provisions required.
48.23.440Minimum nonforfeiture amounts.
48.23.450Minimum present value of paid-up annuity benefit.
48.23.460Minimum cash surrender benefitsDeath benefit.
48.23.470Contracts without cash surrender, death benefitsMinimum present value of paid-up annuity benefits.
48.23.480Optional maturity dates.
48.23.490Statement required in contract without cash surrender or death benefits.
48.23.500Calculation of benefits available other than on contract anniversary.
48.23.510Additional benefits.
48.23.525Individual life insuranceNoninsurance benefitsRules.
48.23.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Assignment of policies: RCW 48.18.360.
Charitable gift annuity business: Chapter 48.38 RCW.
Exemption of proceeds
commutation, annuities: RCW 48.18.430.
life insurance: RCW 48.18.410.
Insurable interest, personal insurance, nonprofit organizations: RCW 48.18.030.
Minor may contract for life or disability insurance: RCW 48.18.020.
Payment to person designated in policy or by assignment discharges insurer: RCW 48.18.370.
Policy forms, execution, filing, etc.: Chapter 48.18 RCW.
Simultaneous deaths: RCW 48.18.390.
Spouses' rights in life insurance policy: RCW 48.18.440.