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Policy loan.

(1) There shall be a provision that after three full years' premiums have been paid thereon, the insurer at any time, while the policy is in force, will advance, on proper assignment or pledge of the policy and on the sole security thereof, at a rate of interest provided in this chapter as now or hereafter amended, a sum to be determined as follows:
(a) If such policy is issued prior to the operative date of *RCW 48.23.350, the sum, including any interest paid in advance but not beyond the end of the current policy year, shall be equal to or at the option of the owner of the policy less than, the reserve at the end of the current policy year on the policy and on any dividend additions thereto, less a sum not more than two and one-half percent of the amount insured by the policy and of any dividend additions thereto. The policy may contain a provision by which the insurer reserves the right to defer the making of the loan, except when made to pay premiums, for a period not exceeding six months after the date of application therefor.
(b) If such policy is issued on or after such operative date, the sum, including any interest to the end of the current policy year shall not exceed the cash surrender value at the end of the current policy year, as required by *RCW 48.23.350.
(c)(i) The policy shall contain (A) a provision that policy loans shall bear interest at a specified rate not exceeding six percent per annum, or (B) a provision that policy loans shall bear interest at a variable of not less than four nor more than eight percent per annum.
(ii) The variable rate shall not be changed more frequently than once per year and no change may exceed one percent per annum except reductions. The insurer shall give at least thirty days' notice to the policy owner or the owner's designee of any changes in the interest rate.
(iii) The provisions of (c)(i) and (c)(ii) of this subsection shall apply only in policies in existence prior to August 1, 1981.
(2) Such policy shall further provide that the insurer may deduct from such loan value any existing indebtedness on the policy (unless such indebtedness has already been deducted in determining the cash surrender value) and any unpaid balance of the premium for the current policy year; and that if the loan is made or repaid on a date other than the anniversary of the policy, the insurer shall be entitled to interest for the portion of the current policy year at the rate of interest specified in the policy.
(3) Such policy may further provide that if the interest on the loan is not paid when due, it shall be added to the existing indebtedness and shall bear interest at the same rate; and that if and when the total indebtedness on the policy, including interest due or accruing, equals or exceeds the amount of the loan value thereof which would otherwise exist at such time, the policy shall terminate in full settlement of such indebtedness and become void; except, that it shall be stipulated in the policy that no such termination shall be effective prior to the expiration of at least thirty days after notice of the pendency of the termination was mailed by the insurer to the insured and the assignee, if any, at their respective addresses last of record with the insurer.
(4) The insurer shall provide in any policy issued on or after the operative date of *RCW 48.23.350 that the making of any loan, other than a loan to pay premiums, may be deferred for not exceeding six months after the application for the loan has been received by it.
[ 1981 c 247 § 3; 1977 ex.s. c 250 § 1; 1947 c 79 § .23.08; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 45.23.08.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 48.23.350 was repealed by 1982 1st ex.s. c 9 § 36; later enactment, see chapter 48.76 RCW.
PurposeEffective date1981 c 247: See notes following RCW 48.23.085.
Construction1977 ex.s. c 250: "This 1977 amendatory act shall not impair the terms and conditions of any policy of life insurance in force prior to the effective date of this 1977 amendatory act." [ 1977 ex.s. c 250 § 2.]
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