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Personal wireless service facilitiesApproach permitReport.

(1) The department shall authorize an off and on approach to partially controlled limited access highways for the placement and service of facilities providing personal wireless services.
(a) The approach shall be in a legal manner not to exceed thirty feet in width.
(b) The approach may be specified at a point satisfactory to the department at or between designated highway stations.
(c) The permit holder may use the approach for ingress and egress from the highway for construction or maintenance of the personal wireless service facility during nonpeak traffic hours so long as public safety is not adversely affected. The permit holder may use the approach for ingress and egress at any time for the construction of the facility if public safety is not adversely affected and if construction will not substantially interfere with traffic flow during peak traffic periods.
(2) The department shall authorize the approach by an annual permit, which may only be canceled upon one hundred eighty days' written notice to the permit holder.
(a) The department shall set the yearly cost of a permit in rule.
(b) The permit shall be assignable to the contractors and subcontractors of the permit holder. The permit shall also be transferable to a new owner following the sale or merger of the permit holder.
(3) For the purposes of this section:
(a) "Personal wireless services" means any federally licensed personal wireless service.
(b) "Facilities" means unstaffed facilities that are used for the transmission or reception, or both, of wireless communication services including, but not necessarily limited to, antenna arrays, transmission cables, equipment shelters, and support structures.
(4) The department shall present a report to the house of representatives technology, telecommunications, and energy committee and the senate technology and communications committee on the implementation of the permit process and the cost of permits by January 15, 2004, and by the first day of the legislative session following adoption of any rule increasing the cost of permits.
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