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Property title designation upon construction of limited access highways.

(1) Whenever the department adopts a plan for a limited access highway to be constructed within the corporate limits of a city or town which incorporates existing city or town streets, title to such streets shall remain in the city or town, and the provisions of RCW 47.24.020 as now or hereafter amended shall continue to apply to such streets until such time that the highway is operated as either a partially or fully controlled access highway. Title to and full control over that portion of the city or town street incorporated into the limited access highway shall be vested in the state upon a declaration by the secretary of transportation that such highway is operational as a limited access facility, but in no event prior to the acquisition of right-of-way for such highway including access rights, and not later than the final completion of construction of such highway.
(2) Upon the completion of construction of a state limited access highway within a city or town, the department of transportation may relinquish to the city or town streets constructed or improved as a functional part of the limited access highway, slope easements, landscaping areas, and other related improvements to be maintained and operated by the city or town in accordance with the limited access plan. Title to such property relinquished to a city or town shall be conveyed by a deed executed by the secretary of transportation and duly acknowledged. Relinquishment of such property to the city or town may be expressly conditioned upon the maintenance of access control acquired by the state and the continued operation of such property as a functional part of the limited access highway.


Effective date2006 c 334: See note following RCW 47.01.051.
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