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Issuing bonds and other obligations.

(1) In addition to any authority the commission or department has to issue and sell bonds and other similar obligations, this section establishes continuing authority for the issuance and sale of bonds and other similar obligations in a manner consistent with this section. To finance a project in whole or in part, the commission may request that the state treasurer issue revenue bonds on behalf of the public sector partner. The bonds must be secured by a pledge of, and a lien on, and be payable only from moneys in the transportation innovative partnership account established in RCW 47.29.230, and any other revenues specifically pledged to repayment of the bonds. Such a pledge by the public partner creates a lien that is valid and binding from the time the pledge is made. Revenue bonds issued under this section are not general obligations of the state or local government and are not secured by or payable from any funds or assets of the state other than the moneys and revenues specifically pledged to the repayment of such revenue bonds.
(2) Moneys received from the issuance of revenue bonds or other debt obligations, including any investment earnings thereon, may be spent:
(a) For the purpose of financing the costs of the project for which the bonds are issued;
(b) To pay the costs and other administrative expenses of the bonds;
(c) To pay the costs of credit enhancement or to fund any reserves determined to be necessary or advantageous in connection with the revenue bonds; and
(d) To reimburse the public sector partners for any costs related to carrying out the projects authorized under this chapter.
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