Chapter 47.29 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.29.010FindingIntent.
HTMLPDF 47.29.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 47.29.030Transportation commission powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 47.29.040Purpose.
HTMLPDF 47.29.050Eligible projects.
HTMLPDF 47.29.060Eligible financing.
HTMLPDF 47.29.070Use of federal funds and similar revenues.
HTMLPDF 47.29.080Other sources of funds or property.
HTMLPDF 47.29.090Project review, evaluation, and selection.
HTMLPDF 47.29.100Administrative fee.
HTMLPDF 47.29.110Funds for proposal evaluation and negotiation.
HTMLPDF 47.29.120Expert consultation.
HTMLPDF 47.29.130Contracted studies.
HTMLPDF 47.29.140Partnership agreements.
HTMLPDF 47.29.150Public involvement and participation.
HTMLPDF 47.29.160Approval and execution.
HTMLPDF 47.29.170Unsolicited proposals.
HTMLPDF 47.29.180Advisory committees.
HTMLPDF 47.29.190Confidentiality.
HTMLPDF 47.29.200Prevailing wages.
HTMLPDF 47.29.210Government agreements.
HTMLPDF 47.29.220Eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 47.29.230Transportation innovative partnership account.
HTMLPDF 47.29.240Use of account.
HTMLPDF 47.29.250Issuing bonds and other obligations.
HTMLPDF 47.29.260Study and report.
HTMLPDF 47.29.270Federal laws.
HTMLPDF 47.29.280Expert review panel on proposed project agreementsCreationAuthority.
HTMLPDF 47.29.290Expert review panel on proposed project agreementsExecution of agreements.