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Advisory committees.

For projects with costs, including financing costs, of three hundred million dollars or greater, advisory committees are required.
(1) The commission must establish an advisory committee to advise with respect to eligible projects. An advisory committee must consist of not fewer than five and not more than nine members, as determined by the public partners. Members must be appointed by the commission, or for projects with joint public sector participation, in a manner agreed to by the commission and any participating unit of government. In making appointments to the committee, the commission shall consider persons or organizations offering a diversity of viewpoints on the project.
(2) An advisory committee shall review concepts or proposals for eligible projects and submit comments to the public sector partners.
(3) An advisory committee shall meet as necessary at times and places fixed by the department, but not less than twice per year. The state shall provide personnel services to assist the advisory committee within the limits of available funds. An advisory committee may adopt rules to govern its proceedings and may select officers.
(4) An advisory committee must be dissolved once the project has been fully constructed and debt issued to pay for the project has been fully retired.
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