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Eligible financing.

(1) Subject to the limitations in this section, the department may, in connection with the evaluation of eligible projects, consider any financing mechanisms identified under subsections (3) through (5) of this section or any other lawful source, either integrated as part of a project proposal or as a separate, stand-alone proposal to finance a project. Financing may be considered for all or part of a proposed project. A project may be financed in whole or in part with:
(a) The proceeds of grant anticipation revenue bonds authorized by 23 U.S.C. Sec. 122 and applicable state law. Legislative authorization and appropriation is required in order to use this source of financing;
(b) Grants, loans, loan guarantees, lines of credit, revolving lines of credit, or other financing arrangements available under the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act under 23 U.S.C. Sec. 181 et seq., or any other applicable federal law;
(c) Infrastructure loans or assistance from the state infrastructure bank established by RCW 82.44.195;
(d) Federal, state, or local revenues, subject to appropriation by the applicable legislative authority;
(e) User fees, tolls, fares, lease proceeds, rents, gross or net receipts from sales, proceeds from the sale of development rights, franchise fees, or any other lawful form of consideration. However, projects financed by tolls or equivalent funding sources must first be authorized by the legislature under RCW 47.56.820.
(2) As security for the payment of financing described in this section, the revenues from the project may be pledged, but no such pledge of revenues constitutes in any manner or to any extent a general obligation of the state. Any financing described in this section may be structured on a senior, parity, or subordinate basis to any other financing.
(3) For any transportation project developed under this chapter that is owned, leased, used, or operated by the state, as a public facility, if indebtedness is issued, it must be issued by the state treasurer for the transportation project.
(4) For other public projects defined in RCW 47.29.050(2) that are developed in conjunction with a transportation project, financing necessary to develop, construct, or operate the public project must be approved by the state finance committee or by the governing board of a public benefit corporation as provided in the federal Internal Revenue Code section 63-20;
(5) For projects that are developed in conjunction with a transportation project but are not themselves a public facility or public project, any lawful means of financing may be used.
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