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This chapter applies to proportional registration and reciprocity granted under the provisions of the international registration plan (IRP). This chapter shall become effective and be implemented beginning with the 1988 registration year.
(1) The director may adopt and enforce rules deemed necessary to implement and administer this chapter.
(2) Owners having a fleet of apportionable vehicles operating in two or more IRP member jurisdictions may elect to proportionally register the vehicles of the fleet under the provisions of the IRP and this chapter in lieu of full or temporary registration as provided for in chapter 46.16A RCW.
(3) If a due date or an expiration date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a state legal holiday, such period is automatically extended through the end of the next business day.


Effective date2015 c 228: "Sections 1 through 27 and 29 through 38 of this act take effect July 1, 2016." [ 2015 c 228 § 42.]
IntentEffective date2011 c 171: See notes following RCW 4.24.210.
Effective dateIntentLegislation to reconcile chapter 161, Laws of 2010 and other amendments made during the 2010 legislative session2010 c 161: See notes following RCW 46.04.013.
Effective dates1987 c 244: "Section 1 of this act shall take effect on January 1, 1990. Sections 9, 10, and 15 through 58 of this act shall take effect on January 1, 1988." [ 1987 c 244 § 59.]
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