Chapter 46.16A RCW


Registration year assignedRegistration monthRegistration periodWhen registration does not expire.
Adjustment of vehicle registration periods to stagger renewal periods.
Registration and display of plates requiredPenaltiesExpired registration, impoundment.
Original registrationApplicationForm and contents.
RegistrationRequirements before issuancePenaltyRules.
RegistrationEmission control inspections requiredExemptionsEducational informationRules.
RegistrationCancellation, refusal, etc.Appeals.
RegistrationVoluntary and opt-out donationsDiscover pass.
RegistrationFederal heavy vehicle use tax.
Registration renewalExemptions.
Forwarding and payment of standing, stopping, and parking violations and other infractions required before registration renewal.
Notice of liability insurance requirement.
"Resident" definedNatural person residency requirementsVehicle registration required.
Purchasing a vehicle with foreign plates.
Nonresident exemptionReciprocityRules.
Exemptions from vehicle license feesState and publicly owned vehicles.
Exemptions from vehicle license feesVehicles owned by Indian tribesConditions.
Registration certificatesFormatsRequirementsPenaltyException.
Requirement for commercial motor vehicle registration certificate.
Replacement registration certificates.
License plates.
EmblemsMaterial, display requirements.
Military emblemsFees.
Temporary permitsAuthorityDealer feesSecure system.
Temporary permitsApplication form and contentsDisplay and durationApplication fee.
Vehicle trip permitsRestrictions and requirementsFeePenaltyRules.
Farm vehicle trip permitsRestrictions and requirementsFeeRules.
Temporary permits for nonresident members of armed forcesFeeRules.
Temporary letter of authority for movement of unregistered vehicle for special community activity.
Thirty, sixty, or ninety-day permits for registered out-of-state commercial vehicles.
Campers, mopeds, and wheelchair conveyances.
Commercial motor vehicles.
Farm vehiclesFarm exempt decalFeeRules.
Farm vehicles based on gross weightFarm tabsPenalty.
Intermittent-use trailersPermanent registrationPenaltyLicense platesDefinitionRules.
Off-road motorcyclesDeclaration requiredContents.
Private use, single-axle trailersReduced license fee.
Street rod or custom vehicles.
TrailersPermanent license plates and registrationPenaltyRules.
Trucks, buses, and for hire vehicles based on gross weight.
Liability of operator, owner, lessee for violations.
Immunity from liability for issuing a vehicle registration or license plates to nonroadworthy vehicle.
Allowing unauthorized person to drivePenalty.
Unlawful to carry passengers for hire without vehicle registration.
Overloading registered capacityAdditional registrationPenaltiesExceptions.
Overloading registered capacityPenalties.
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