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Mobile home manufacturers and mobile home dealers who sell mobile homes to be assembled on-site and used as residences in this state shall conform to the following requirements:
(1) No new manufactured home may be sold unless the purchaser is provided with a manufacturer's written warranty for construction of the home in compliance with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (88 Stat. 2183; 15 U.S.C. Sec. 47 et seq.; 15 U.S.C. Sec. 2301 et seq.).
(2) No new manufactured home may be sold unless the purchaser is provided with a dealer's written warranty for all installation services performed by the dealer.
(3) The warranties required by subsections (1) and (2) of this section shall be valid for a minimum of one year measured from the date of delivery and shall not be invalidated by resale by the original purchaser to a subsequent purchaser or by the certificate of title being eliminated or not issued as described in chapter 65.20 RCW. Copies of the warranties shall be given to the purchaser upon signing a purchase agreement and shall include an explanation of remedies available to the purchaser under state and federal law for breach of warranty, the name and address of the federal department of housing and urban development and the state departments of licensing and labor and industries, and a brief description of the duties of these agencies concerning mobile homes.
(4) Warranty service shall be completed within forty-five days after the owner gives written notice of the defect unless there is a bona fide dispute between the parties. Warranty service for a defect affecting health or safety shall be completed within seventy-two hours of receipt of written notice. Warranty service shall be performed on-site and a written work order describing labor performed and parts used shall be completed and signed by the service agent and the owner. If the owner's signature cannot be obtained, the reasons shall be described on the work order. Work orders shall be retained by the dealer or manufacturer for a period of three years.
(5) Before delivery of possession of the home to the purchaser, an inspection shall be performed by the dealer or his or her agent and by the purchaser or his or her agent which shall include a test of all systems of the home to insure proper operation, unless such systems test is delayed pursuant to this subsection. At the time of the inspection, the purchaser shall be given copies of all documents required by state or federal agencies to be supplied by the manufacturer with the home which have not previously been provided as required under subsection (3) of this section, and the dealer shall complete any required purchaser information card and forward the card to the manufacturer. A purchaser is deemed to have taken delivery of the manufactured home when all three of the following events have occurred: (a) The contractual obligations between the purchaser and the seller have been met; (b) the inspection of the home is completed; and (c) the systems test of the home has been completed subsequent to the installation of the home, or fifteen days has elapsed since the transport of the home to the site where it will be installed, whichever is earlier. Occupancy of the manufactured home shall only occur after the systems test has occurred and all required utility connections have been approved after inspection.
(6) Manufacturer and dealer advertising which states the dimensions of a home shall not include the length of the draw bar assembly in a listed dimension, and shall state the square footage of the actual floor area.


Effective dateIntentLegislation to reconcile chapter 161, Laws of 2010 and other amendments made during the 2010 legislative session2010 c 161: See notes following RCW 46.04.013.
Effective date1994 c 284: See RCW 43.22A.901.
Effective date1989 c 343: See RCW 65.20.950.
Severability1981 c 304: See note following RCW 26.16.030.
Manufactured home installation and warranty service: RCW 43.22.440, 43.22.442.
Manufactured home safety and construction standards, inspections, etc.: RCW 43.22.431 through 43.22.434.
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