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Extraterritorial convictions.

The director of licensing shall suspend, revoke, or cancel the vehicle driver's license of any resident of this state upon receiving notice of the conviction of such person in another state of an offense therein which, if committed in this state, would be ground for the suspension or revocation of the vehicle driver's license. The director may further, upon receiving a record of the conviction in this state of a nonresident driver of a motor vehicle of any offense under the motor vehicle laws of this state, forward a certified copy of such record to the motor vehicle administrator in the state of which the person so convicted is a resident; such record to consist of a copy of the judgment and sentence in the case.
[ 1989 c 337 s 7; 1979 c 158 s 150; 1967 c 32 s 29; 1961 c 12 s 46.20.300. Prior: 1957 c 273 s 8; prior: 1937 c 188 s 66, part; RRS s 6312-66, part; 1923 c 122 s 1, part; 1921 c 108 s 9, part; RRS s 6371, part.]
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