Chapter 46.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 46.20.001License requiredRights and restriction.
HTMLPDF 46.20.005Driving without a licenseMisdemeanor, when.
HTMLPDF 46.20.015Driving without a licenseTraffic infraction, when.
HTMLPDF 46.20.017Immediate possession and displayed on demand.
HTMLPDF 46.20.021New residents.
HTMLPDF 46.20.022Unlicensed driversSubject to Title 46 RCW.
HTMLPDF 46.20.024Unlawful to allow unauthorized minors to drive.
HTMLPDF 46.20.025Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 46.20.027Armed forces, dependents.
HTMLPDF 46.20.031Ineligibility.
HTMLPDF 46.20.035Proof of identity.
HTMLPDF 46.20.036Other forms of identification, useDepartment to develop in consultation with the department of children, youth, and families, office of the superintendent of public instruction, and office of homeless youth prevention and protection programs.
HTMLPDF 46.20.037Facial recognition matching system.
HTMLPDF 46.20.041Persons with physical or mental disabilities or diseases.
HTMLPDF 46.20.045School bus, for hire driversAge.
HTMLPDF 46.20.049Commercial driver's licenseAdditional fee, disposition.
HTMLPDF 46.20.055Instruction permit.
HTMLPDF 46.20.065Temporary permit.
HTMLPDF 46.20.070Juvenile agricultural driving permit.
HTMLPDF 46.20.075Intermediate license.
HTMLPDF 46.20.091ApplicationPenalty for false statementDriving records from and to other jurisdictions.
HTMLPDF 46.20.0921ViolationsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 46.20.093Bicycle safety.
HTMLPDF 46.20.095Instructional publication information.
HTMLPDF 46.20.100Persons under eighteen.
HTMLPDF 46.20.105Identifying types of licenses and permits.
HTMLPDF 46.20.109Wheelchair conveyances.
HTMLPDF 46.20.111Registration with selective service system for males under twenty-six upon applicationOpportunity to consent or decline.
HTMLPDF 46.20.113Anatomical gift statement.
HTMLPDF 46.20.1131Information for organ donor registry.
HTMLPDF 46.20.1132Information for bone marrow donationRegistryOrganizations and third parties may not utilize information obtained for fund-raising or other commercial purposes.
HTMLPDF 46.20.114Preventing alteration or reproduction.
HTMLPDF 46.20.117Identicards.
HTMLPDF 46.20.118Negative file.
HTMLPDF 46.20.119Reasonable rules.
HTMLPDF 46.20.120ExaminationsWaiverFeesRenewalsAdministration.
HTMLPDF 46.20.1201Fee.
HTMLPDF 46.20.125WaiverAgreement with other jurisdictions.
HTMLPDF 46.20.126Rules.
HTMLPDF 46.20.130Content and conduct of examinations.
HTMLPDF 46.20.153Voter registrationPosting signs.
HTMLPDF 46.20.155Voter registration, updateServices (as amended by 2023 c 361).
HTMLPDF 46.20.155Voter registration, updateServices (as amended by 2023 c 466).
HTMLPDF 46.20.156Voter registrationAutomaticEnhanced driver's licenses and identicards.
HTMLPDF 46.20.157Data to Washington technology solutionsConfidentiality.
HTMLPDF 46.20.161IssuanceContentsFeeVeterans, individuals meeting criteria for veteransMedical alert designation, developmental disability designation, or deafness designationSelf-attestation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.181Expiration dateRenewalFeesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 46.20.185Photograph during renewal.
HTMLPDF 46.20.187Registration of sex offenders.
HTMLPDF 46.20.191Compliance with federal REAL ID Act of 2005 requirementsDepartment safeguards.
HTMLPDF 46.20.1911Costs and burdens of compliance with federal REAL ID Act of 2005 requirementsLegal challenge.
HTMLPDF 46.20.192Compliance with federal REAL ID Act of 2005 requirementsDriver's license and identicard markingsRules.
HTMLPDF 46.20.1921Compliance with federal REAL ID Act of 2005 requirementsDesign feature restrictions.
HTMLPDF 46.20.195Identicard program for homeless individuals.
HTMLPDF 46.20.200Lost, destroyed, or corrected licenses, identicards, or permits.
HTMLPDF 46.20.202Enhanced drivers' licenses and identicards for Canadian border crossingBorder-crossing initiativeFee amount, distribution.
HTMLPDF 46.20.2021Statewide education campaign for border-crossing initiative.
HTMLPDF 46.20.205Change of address or name.
HTMLPDF 46.20.207Cancellation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.215NonresidentsSuspension or revocationReporting offenders.
HTMLPDF 46.20.220Vehicle rentalsRecords.
HTMLPDF 46.20.245Mandatory revocationPersons subject to suspension, revocation, or denial who are eligible for certain full creditNoticeAdministrative, judicial reviewRulesApplication.
HTMLPDF 46.20.265Juvenile driving privilegesRevocation for alcohol or drug violations.
HTMLPDF 46.20.267Intermediate licensees.
HTMLPDF 46.20.270Driving offensesProceduresDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 46.20.285Offenses requiring revocation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.286Adoption of procedures.
HTMLPDF 46.20.289Suspension for failure to respond, appear, etc.
HTMLPDF 46.20.2891Moving violation, definition by ruleNotice.
HTMLPDF 46.20.2892Traffic infractions for moving violationsSuspensionProbationNotice.
HTMLPDF 46.20.291Authority to suspendGrounds.
HTMLPDF 46.20.292Finding of juvenile court officer.
HTMLPDF 46.20.293Minor's record to juvenile court, parents, or guardians.
HTMLPDF 46.20.300Extraterritorial convictions.
HTMLPDF 46.20.305Incompetent, unqualified driverReexaminationPhysician's certificateAction by department.
HTMLPDF 46.20.308Implied consentTest refusalProcedures.
HTMLPDF 46.20.3101Implied consentLicense sanctions, length of.
HTMLPDF 46.20.311Duration of license sanctionsReissuance or renewal.
HTMLPDF 46.20.313Reinstatement.
HTMLPDF 46.20.315Surrender of license.
HTMLPDF 46.20.317Unlicensed drivers.
HTMLPDF 46.20.320Suspension, etc., effective although certificate not delivered.
HTMLPDF 46.20.322Interview before suspension, etc.ExceptionsAppearance of minor's parent or guardian.
HTMLPDF 46.20.323Notice of interviewContents.
HTMLPDF 46.20.324Persons not entitled to interview or hearing.
HTMLPDF 46.20.325Suspension or probation before interviewAlternative procedure.
HTMLPDF 46.20.326Failure to appear or request interview constitutes waiverProcedure.
HTMLPDF 46.20.327Conduct of interviewRefereeEvidenceNot deemed hearing.
HTMLPDF 46.20.328Findings and notification after interviewRequest for formal hearing.
HTMLPDF 46.20.329Formal hearingProcedures, notice, stay.
HTMLPDF 46.20.331Hearing and decision by director's designee.
HTMLPDF 46.20.332Formal hearingEvidenceSubpoenasReexaminationFindings and recommendations.
HTMLPDF 46.20.333Decision after formal hearing.
HTMLPDF 46.20.334Appeal to superior court.
HTMLPDF 46.20.335Probation in lieu of suspension or revocation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.338Display or possession of invalidated license or identicard.
HTMLPDF 46.20.341Relicensing diversion programsProgram information to administrative office of the courts.
HTMLPDF 46.20.342Driving while license invalidatedPenaltiesExtension of invalidation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.345Operation under other license or permit while license suspended or revokedPenalty.
HTMLPDF 46.20.349Stopping vehicle of suspended or revoked driver.
HTMLPDF 46.20.355Alcohol violatorProbationary license.
HTMLPDF 46.20.380Fee.
HTMLPDF 46.20.385Ignition interlock driver's licenseApplicationEligibilityCancellationCostsRules.
HTMLPDF 46.20.391Temporary restricted, occupational licensesApplicationEligibilityRestrictionsCancellation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.394Detailed restrictionsViolation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.400Obtaining new driver's licenseSurrender of order and current license.
HTMLPDF 46.20.410PenaltyViolation.
HTMLPDF 46.20.500Special endorsementPenaltiesExceptions.
HTMLPDF 46.20.505Special endorsement fees.
HTMLPDF 46.20.510Instruction permitFeeExaminationsDirector may adopt and enforce rules.
HTMLPDF 46.20.515ExaminationEmphasisAdministrationWaiver.
HTMLPDF 46.20.520Training and education programAdvisory board.
HTMLPDF 46.20.710Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 46.20.720Ignition interlock device restrictionFor whomDurationRemoval requirementsCreditEmployer exemptionFee.
HTMLPDF 46.20.740Notation on driving recordVerification of interlockPenalty, exception.
HTMLPDF 46.20.745Ignition interlock device revolving account programPilot program.
HTMLPDF 46.20.750Circumventing ignition interlockPenaltyNotice.
HTMLPDF 46.20.755Local verification of ignition interlock device installationImmunity.
HTMLPDF 46.20.900Repeal and saving.


Rules of court: Bail in criminal traffic offense casesMandatory appearanceCrRLJ 3.2.
Traffic infractionsMonetary penalty scheduleIRLJ 6.2.
Allowing unauthorized person to drivePenalty: RCW 46.16A.520.
Juvenile driving privileges, alcohol or drug violations: RCW 66.44.365, 69.50.420.