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Preparation and submittal of caseload forecastsCooperation of state agenciesOfficial state caseload forecast.

(1) In consultation with the caseload forecast work group established under RCW 43.88C.030, and subject to the approval of the caseload forecast council under RCW 43.88C.010, the supervisor shall prepare:
(a) An official state caseload forecast; and
(b) Other caseload forecasts based on alternative assumptions as the council may determine.
(2) The supervisor shall submit caseload forecasts prepared under this section, along with any unofficial forecasts provided under RCW 43.88C.010, to the governor and the members of the legislative fiscal committees, including one copy to the staff of each of the committees. The forecasts shall be submitted at least three times each year and on such dates as the council determines will facilitate the development of budget proposals by the governor and the legislature.
(3) All agencies of state government shall provide to the supervisor immediate access to all information relating to caseload forecasts.
(4) The administrator of the legislative evaluation and accountability program committee may request, and the supervisor shall provide, alternative caseload forecasts based on assumptions specified by the administrator.
(5) The official state caseload forecast under this section shall be the basis of the governor's budget document as provided in RCW 43.88.030 and utilized by the legislature in the development of the omnibus biennial appropriations act.
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