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Caseload forecast work groupSubmittal of data by state agenciesMeetings.

(1) To promote the free flow of information and to promote legislative and executive input in the development of assumptions and preparation of forecasts, immediate access to all information and statistical models relating to caseload forecasts shall be available to the caseload forecast work group, hereby created. Each state agency affected by caseloads shall submit caseload reports and data to the council as soon as the reports and data are available and shall provide to the council and the supervisor such additional raw, program-level data or information as may be necessary for discharge of their respective duties.
(2) The caseload forecast work group shall consist of one staff member selected by the executive head or chairperson of each of the following agencies, programs, or committees:
(a) Office of financial management;
(b) Ways and means committee, or its successor, of the senate;
(c) Appropriations committee, or its successor, of the house of representatives;
(d) Legislative evaluation and accountability program committee; and
(e) Each state program for which the council forecasts the caseload.
(3) The caseload forecast work group shall provide technical support to the caseload forecast council. Meetings of the caseload forecast work group may be called by any member of the group for the purpose of assisting the council, reviewing forecasts, or for any other purpose that may assist the council.
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