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Sentencing information systemSentencing manual.

(1) The caseload forecast council shall develop and maintain a computerized adult and juvenile sentencing information system consisting of offender, offense, history, and sentence information entered from the judgment and sentence forms for all adult felons.
(2) As part of its duties in maintaining the sentencing information system, the caseload forecast council shall:
(a) On an annual basis, publish a statistical summary of adult felony sentencing and juvenile dispositions;
(b) Publish and maintain an adult felony sentencing manual; and
(c) Publish and maintain a juvenile sentencing manual.
(3) The sentencing manuals are intended only as a guide to assist practitioners in determining appropriate sentencing ranges. The manuals are not a substitute for the actual statutes, which list the sentencing ranges, or for any other information contained within this chapter. The caseload forecast council is not liable for errors or omissions in the manual, for sentences that may be inappropriately calculated as a result of a practitioner's or court's reliance on the manual, or for any other written or verbal information provided by the caseload forecast council or its staff related to adult or juvenile sentencing.
(4) In publishing materials required by this section, the caseload forecast council shall make the materials available on its website. The caseload forecast council may charge a reasonable cost for producing and distributing hard copies of any materials.


ApplicationRecalculation of community custody terms2011 1st sp.s. c 40: See note following RCW 9.94A.501.
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