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Creative districtsDesignationCertification.

(1) A local government may designate a creative district within its territorial boundaries subject to certification as a state-certified creative district by the commission. Two or more local governments may jointly apply for certification of a creative district that extends across a common boundary.
(2) In order to receive certification as a state-certified creative district, a creative district must:
(a) Be a geographically contiguous area;
(b) Be distinguished by physical, artistic, or cultural resources that play a vital role in the quality and life of a community, including its economic and cultural development;
(c) Be the site of a concentration of artistic or cultural activity, a major arts or cultural institution or facility, arts and entertainment businesses, an area with arts and cultural activities, or artistic or cultural production;
(d) Be engaged in the promotional, preservation, and educational aspects of the arts and culture of the community and contribute to the public through interpretive, educational, or recreational uses; and
(e) Satisfy any additional criteria required by the commission that in its discretion will further the purposes of RCW 43.46.100 through 43.46.115. Any additional eligibility criteria must be posted by the commission on its public website.
(3) The commission may grant certification to a creative district that does not qualify for certification under subsection (2) of this section if the land area proposed for certification contains multiple vacant properties in close proximity that would be suitable, as determined by the commission, for redevelopment as a creative district.


FindingsIntent2017 c 240: See note following RCW 43.46.100.
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