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Creative districtsApplications for certificationReviewApproval, rejection, revocationAdditional powers of commission.

(1) Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the commission may create a process for review of applications submitted by local governments or federally recognized Indian tribes for certification of state-certified creative districts. The application must be submitted on a standard form developed and approved by the commission.
(2) After reviewing an application for certification, the commission must approve or reject the application or return it to the applicant with a request for changes or additional information. The commission may request that an applicant provide relevant information supporting an application. Rejected applicants may reapply at any time in coordination with program guidelines.
(3) Certification must be based upon the criteria specified in RCW 43.46.105.
(4) If the commission approves an application for certification, it must notify the applicant in writing and must specify the terms and conditions of the commission's approval, including the terms and conditions set forth in the application and as modified by written agreement between the applicant and the commission.
(5) Upon approval by the commission of an application for certification, a creative district becomes a state-certified creative district with all of the attendant benefits under RCW 43.46.100 through 43.46.115.
(6) The commission may revoke a certification previously granted for failure by a local government to comply with the requirements of this section or an agreement executed pursuant to this section.
(7) In addition to any powers explicitly granted to the commission under RCW 43.46.100 through 43.46.115, the commission is granted such additional powers as are necessary to carry out the purposes of RCW 43.46.100 through 43.46.115. Where authorized by law, such powers may include offering incentives to state-certified creative districts to encourage business development, exploring new incentives that are directly related to creative enterprises, facilitating local access to state economic development assistance, enhancing the visibility of state-certified creative districts, providing state-certified creative districts with technical assistance and planning aid, ensuring broad and equitable program benefits, and fostering a supportive climate for the arts and culture within the state.
(8) The creation of a district under this section may not be used to prohibit any particular business or the development of residential real property within the boundaries of the district or to impose a burden on the operation or use of any particular business or parcel of residential real property located within the boundaries of the district.


FindingsIntent2017 c 240: See note following RCW 43.46.100.
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