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Creative districtsCoordinator.

Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the commission may appoint a coordinator. The coordinator must:
(1) Review applications for certification and make a recommendation to the commission for action;
(2) Administer and promote the application process for the certification of creative districts;
(3) With the approval of the commission, develop standards and policies for the certification of state-certified creative districts. Any approved standards and policies must be posted on the commission's public web site;
(4) Require periodic written reports from any state-certified creative district for the purpose of reviewing the activities of the district, including the compliance of the district with the policies and standards developed under this section and with the conditions of an approved application for certification;
(5) Identify available public and private resources, including any applicable economic development incentives and other tools, that support and enhance the development and maintenance of creative districts and, with the assistance of the commission, ensure that such programs and services are accessible to creative districts; and
(6) With the approval of the commission, develop such additional procedures as may be necessary to administer this section. Any approved procedures must be posted on the commission's public web site.


FindingsIntent2017 c 240: See note following RCW 43.46.100.
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