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Office of renewable fuelsDuties.

(1) The office shall:
(a) Coordinate with federally recognized tribes, local government, state agencies, federal agencies, private entities, the state's public four-year institutions of higher education, labor unions, and others to facilitate and promote multi-institution collaborations to drive research, development, and deployment efforts in the production, distribution, and use of renewable fuels including, but not limited to, green electrolytic hydrogen;
(b) Review existing renewable fuels and green electrolytic hydrogen initiatives, policies, and public and private investments;
(c) Consider funding opportunities that provide for the coordination of public and private funds for the purposes of developing and deploying renewable fuels and green electrolytic hydrogen;
(d) Assess opportunities for and barriers to deployment of renewable fuels and green electrolytic hydrogen in hard to decarbonize sectors of the state economy;
(e) Request recommendations from the Washington state association of fire marshals regarding fire and other safety standards adopted by the United States department of energy and recognized national and international fire and safety code development authorities regarding renewable fuels and green electrolytic hydrogen;
(f) By December 1, 2023, develop a plan and recommendations for consideration by the legislature and governor on renewable fuels and green electrolytic hydrogen policy and public funding including, but not limited to, project permitting, state procurement, and pilot projects; and
(g) Encourage new and support existing public-private partnerships to increase coordinated planning and deployment of renewable fuels and green electrolytic hydrogen.
(2) The office may take all appropriate steps to seek and apply for federal funds for which the office is eligible, and other grants, and accept donations, and must deposit these funds in the renewable fuels accelerator account created in RCW 43.330.575.
(3) In carrying out its duties, the office must collaborate with the department, the department of ecology, the department of transportation, the utilities and transportation commission, electric utilities in Washington state, the Washington State University extension energy program, and all other relevant state agencies. The office must also consult with and seek to involve federally recognized tribes, project developers, labor and industry trade groups, and other interested parties, in the development of policy analysis and recommended programs or projects.
(4) The office may cooperate with other state agencies in compiling data regarding the use of renewable fuels and green electrolytic hydrogen in state operations, including motor vehicle fleets, the state ferry system, and nonroad equipment.


FindingsIntent2022 c 292: See note following RCW 43.330.565.
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