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Broadband officeReports.

(1)(a) Beginning January 1, 2021, and biennially thereafter, the office shall report to the legislative committees with jurisdiction over broadband policy and finance on the office's activities during the previous two years.
(b) The report must, at a minimum, contain:
(i) An analysis of the current availability and use of broadband, including average broadband speeds, within the state;
(ii) Information gathered from schools, libraries, hospitals, and public safety facilities across the state, determining the actual speed and capacity of broadband currently in use and the need, if any, for increases in speed and capacity to meet current or anticipated needs;
(iii) An overview of incumbent broadband infrastructure within the state;
(iv) A summary of the office's activities in coordinating broadband infrastructure development with the department of transportation and the public works board, including a summary of funds awarded under RCW 43.155.160;
(v) Suggested policies, incentives, and legislation designed to accelerate the achievement of the goals under RCW 43.330.536; and
(vi) Any proposed legislative and policy initiatives.
(2)(a) By December 31, 2022, the office must submit a report to the governor and the appropriate committees of the legislature regarding the provision of retail telecommunications services to unserved areas by public utility districts and port districts as provided in RCW * 54.16.330(10) and 53.08.370(10).
(b) The report must, at a minimum, contain:
(i) The number of public utility districts and port districts providing retail telecommunications services in an unserved area authorized in RCW * 54.16.330(10) and 53.08.370(10); and
(ii) Any recommendations to improve the provision of retail telecommunications services in unserved areas.


Reviser's note: *(1) RCW 54.16.330 was amended by 2023 c 470 § 1011, changing subsection (10) to subsection (9).
(2) This section was amended by 2021 c 258 § 4 and by 2021 c 293 § 4, each without reference to the other. Both amendments are incorporated in the publication of this section under RCW 1.12.025(2). For rule of construction, see RCW 1.12.025(1).
Findings2021 c 293: See note following RCW 54.16.330.
FindingsIntent2021 c 258: See note following RCW 47.44.160.
Findings2019 c 365: See note following RCW 43.330.532.
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