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Military installation incompatible developmentProject listReport.

(1) The department must produce a biennial report identifying a list of projects to address incompatible developments near military installations.
(a) The list must include a description of each project, the estimated cost of the project, the amount of recommended state funding, and the amount of any federal or local funds documented to be available to be used for the project.
(b) Projects on the list must be prioritized with consideration given to:
(i) The recommendations of the recent United States department of defense base realignment and closure (BRAC) processes, joint land use studies, or other federally initiated land use processes; and
(ii) Whether a branch of the United States armed forces has identified the project as increasing the viability of military installations for current or future missions.
(c) The department may consult with the commanders of United States military installations in Washington to understand impacts and identify the viability of community identified projects to reduce incompatibility.
(2) The department must submit the report to appropriate committees of the house of representatives and the senate, including the joint committee on veterans' and military affairs and the house of representatives capital budget committee, by November 1, 2024, and every two years thereafter.


Effective date2021 c 332: See note following RCW 43.19.501.
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