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Developmental disabilities endowmentEndowment principles.

The design, implementation, and administration of the developmental disabilities endowment shall be governed by the following principles:
(1) The design and operation of the endowment should reward families who set aside resources for their child's future care and provide incentives for continued caregiving by the family.
(2) The endowment should encourage financial planning and reward caregiving by a broad range of families, not just those who have substantial financial resources.
(3) Families should not feel compelled to contribute to the endowment in order to meet the needs of continuing care for their child.
(4) All families should have equal access to developmental disabilities services not funded through the endowment regardless of whether they contribute to the endowment.
(5) Services funded through the endowment should be stable, ongoing, of reasonable quality, and respectful of individual and family preferences.
(6) Endowment resources should be expended economically in order to benefit as many families as possible.
(7) Endowment resources should be managed prudently so that families can be confident that their agreement with the endowment on behalf of their child will be honored.
(8) The private financial contribution on behalf of each person receiving services from the endowment shall be at least equal to the state's contribution to the endowment.
(9) In order to be matched with funding from the state's contribution to the endowment, the private contribution on behalf of a beneficiary must be sufficient to support the beneficiary's approved service plan for a significant portion of the beneficiary's anticipated remaining lifetime.
(10) The rate that state appropriations to the endowment are used to match private contributions shall be such that each legislative appropriation to the developmental disabilities endowment trust fund, including principal and investment income, is not depleted in a period of less than five years.
(11) Private contributions made on behalf of a particular individual, and the associated state match, shall only be used for services provided upon that person's behalf.
(12) State funds contributed to the developmental disabilities endowment trust fund are to support the individual trust accounts established by individual private contributions made by families or other interested persons for named individual beneficiaries.
(13) The governing board shall explore methods to solicit private donations. The governing board shall explore mechanisms to support individuals with developmental disabilities who do not have individual private contributions made on their behalf. The governing board shall establish policies for the use of any private donations.
(14) Types of services funded by money managed through the developmental disabilities endowment trust fund shall be approved by the governing board or its designee.


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