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Community and economic development responsibilities.

The department shall be responsible for promoting community and economic development within the state by assisting the state's communities to increase the quality of life of their citizens and their economic vitality, and by assisting the state's businesses to maintain and increase their economic competitiveness, while maintaining a healthy environment. Community and economic development efforts shall include: Efforts to increase economic opportunity; local planning to manage growth; the promotion and provision of affordable housing and housing-related services; providing public infrastructure; business and trade development; assisting firms and industrial sectors to increase their competitiveness; fostering the development of minority and women-owned businesses; facilitating technology development, transfer, and diffusion; community services and advocacy for low-income persons; and public safety efforts. The department shall have the following general functions and responsibilities:
(1) Provide advisory assistance to the governor, other state agencies, and the legislature on community and economic development matters and issues;
(2) Assist the governor in coordinating the activities of state agencies that have an impact on local government and communities;
(3) Cooperate with the legislature and the governor in the development and implementation of strategic plans for the state's community and economic development efforts;
(4) Solicit private and federal grants for economic and community development programs and administer such programs in conjunction with other programs assigned to the department by the governor or the legislature. To maximize the impact of federal funding for economic development, the department must coordinate with federal and state public research facilities to leverage other federal funding coming to the state for research, development, innovation of new technologies, and transfer of technology to the private sector to promote business development and jobs in Washington;
(5) Cooperate with and provide technical and financial assistance to local governments, businesses, and community-based organizations serving the communities of the state for the purpose of aiding and encouraging orderly, productive, and coordinated development of the state, and, unless stipulated otherwise, give additional consideration to local communities and individuals with the greatest relative need and the fewest resources;
(6) Participate with other states or subdivisions thereof in interstate programs and assist cities, counties, municipal corporations, governmental conferences or councils, and regional planning commissions to participate with other states and provinces or their subdivisions;
(7) Hold public hearings and meetings to carry out the purposes of this chapter;
(8) Conduct research and analysis in furtherance of the state's economic and community development efforts including maintenance of current information on market, demographic, and economic trends as they affect different industrial sectors, geographic regions, and communities with special economic and social problems in the state; and
(9) Develop a schedule of fees for services where appropriate.


SavingsEffective date2005 c 136: See notes following RCW 43.168.020.
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