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Management responsibility.

(1) The purpose of this chapter is to establish the broad outline of the structure of the department of commerce, leaving specific details of its internal organization and management to those charged with its administration. This chapter identifies the broad functions and responsibilities of the department and is intended to provide flexibility to the director to reorganize these functions to more closely reflect its customers, its mission, and its priorities, and to make recommendations for changes.
(2) In order to generate greater local capacity, maximize results through partnerships and the use of intermediaries, and leverage the use of state resources, the department shall, in carrying out its business assistance and economic development functions, provide business and economic development services primarily through sector-based, cluster-based, and regionally based organizations rather than providing assistance directly to individual firms.


PurposeEffective date2010 c 271: See notes following RCW 43.330.005.
Implementation plan1994 c 5; 1993 c 280: "(1) The director of the department of trade and economic development and the director of the department of community development shall, by November 15, 1993, jointly submit a plan to the governor for the consolidation and smooth transition of the department of trade and economic development and the department of community development into the *department of community, trade, and economic development so that the department will operate as a single entity on March 1, 1994.
(2) The plan shall include, but is not limited to, the following elements:
(a) Strategies for combining the existing functions and responsibilities of both agencies into a coordinated and unified department including a strategic plan for each major program area that includes implementation steps, evaluation measures, and methods for collaboration among programs;
(b) Recommendations for any changes in existing programs and functions of both agencies, including new initiatives and possible transfer of programs and functions to and from other departments;
(c) Implementation steps necessary to bring about operation of the combined department as a single entity;
(d) Benchmarks by which to measure progress and to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the department's efforts; and
(e) Strategies for coordinating and maximizing federal, state, local, international, and private sector support for community and economic development efforts within the state.
(3) In developing this plan, the directors shall establish an advisory committee of representatives of groups using services and programs of both departments. The advisory committee shall include representatives of cities, counties, port districts, small and large businesses, labor unions, associate development organizations, low-income housing interests, housing industry, Indian tribes, community action programs, public safety groups, nonprofit community and development organizations, international trade organizations, minority and women business organizations, and any other organizations the directors determine should have input to the plan." [ 1994 c 5 § 1; 1993 c 280 § 8.]
*Reviser's note: The "department of community, trade, and economic development" was renamed the "department of commerce" by 2009 c 565.
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