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Community empowerment zoneApplication.

(1) The department, in cooperation with the department of revenue, the employment security department, and the office of financial management, may approve applications submitted by local governments for an area's designation as a community empowerment zone under this chapter. The application for designation shall be in the form and manner and contain such information as the department may prescribe, provided that the application shall:
(a) Contain information sufficient for the director to determine if the criteria established in RCW 43.31C.030 have been met;
(b) Be submitted on behalf of the local government by its chief elected official, or, if none, by the governing body of the local government;
(c) Contain a five-year community empowerment plan that meets the requirements of RCW 43.31C.040; and
(d) Certify that area residents were given the opportunity to participate in the development of the five-year community empowerment strategy required under RCW 43.31C.040.
(2) No local government shall submit more than two areas to the department for possible designation as a community empowerment zone under this chapter.
(3)(a) The director may designate up to six community empowerment zones, statewide, from among the applications submitted for designation as a community empowerment zone.
(b) The director shall make determinations of designated community empowerment zones on the basis of the following factors:
(i) The strength and quality of the local government commitments to meet the needs identified in the five-year community empowerment plan required under RCW 43.31C.040.
(ii) The level of private sector commitment of additional resources and contribution to the community empowerment zone.
(iii) The potential for revitalization of the area as a result of designation as a community empowerment zone.
(iv) Other factors the director deems necessary.
(c) The determination of the director as to the areas designated as community empowerment zones shall be final.
(4) Except as provided in RCW 43.31C.050, an area that was designated a community empowerment zone before January 1, 1996, under this section, automatically and without additional action by the local government continues its designation under this chapter.
(5) The department may not designate additional community empowerment zones after January 1, 2004, but may amend or rescind designation of community empowerment zones in accordance with RCW 43.31C.050.


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