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Training or employment.

(1) Eligibility for training or employment in projects funded through the *environmental and forest restoration account shall, to the extent practicable, be for workers who are currently unemployed.
(2) To the greatest extent practicable, the following groups of individuals shall be given preference for training or employment in projects funded through the *environmental and forest restoration account:
(a) Dislocated workers who are receiving unemployment benefits or have exhausted unemployment benefits; and
(b) High-risk youth.
(3) Projects funded for forest restoration shall be for workers whose employment was terminated in the Washington forest products industry within the previous four years.
(4) The task force shall submit a list to private industry councils and the employment security department of projects receiving funds under the provisions of this chapter. The list shall include the number, location, and types of jobs expected to be provided by each project. The employment security department shall recruit workers for these jobs by:
(a) Notifying dislocated forest workers who meet the definitions in chapter 50.70 RCW, who are receiving unemployment benefits or who have exhausted unemployment benefits, of their eligibility for the programs;
(b) Notifying other unemployed workers;
(c) Developing a pool of unemployed workers including high-risk youth eligible to enroll in the program; and
(d) Establishing procedures for workers to apply to the programs.
(5) The employment security department shall refer eligible workers to employers hiring under the *environmental and forest restoration account programs. Recipients of funds shall consider the list of eligible workers developed by the employment security department before conducting interviews or making hiring decisions. Recipients of funds shall ensure that workers are aware of whatever opportunities for vocational training, job placement, and remedial education are available from the employment security department.
(6) An individual is eligible for applicable employment security benefits while participating in training related to this chapter. Eligibility shall be confirmed by the commissioner of employment security by submitting a commissioner-approved training waiver.
(7) Persons receiving funds from the *environmental and forest restoration account shall not be considered state employees for the purposes of existing provisions of law with respect to hours of work, sick leave, vacation, and civil service but shall receive health benefits. Persons receiving funds from this account who are hired by a state agency, except for Washington conservation and service corps enrollees, shall receive medical and dental benefits as provided under chapter 41.05 RCW and industrial insurance coverage under Title 51 RCW, but are exempt from the provisions of chapter 41.06 RCW.
(8) Compensation for employees, except for Washington conservation and service corps enrollees, hired under the program established by this chapter shall be based on market rates in accordance with the required skill and complexity of the jobs created. Remuneration paid to employees under this chapter shall be considered covered employment for purposes of chapter 50.04 RCW.
(9) Employment under this program shall not result in the displacement or partial displacement, whether by the reduction of hours of nonovertime work, wages, or other employment benefits, of currently employed workers, including but not limited to state civil service employees, or of currently or normally contracted services.


*Reviser's note: The "environmental and forest restoration account" was created in RCW 43.21J.020 which was repealed by 2000 c 150 § 2, effective July 1, 2001.
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