Chapter 50.04 RCW


Base yearAlternative base year.
Benefit year.
Calendar quarter.
Common paymaster or pay agent.
Contributions"Contributions" and "payments in lieu of contributions" as money payments and taxes due state.
ContributionsAs including "payments in lieu of contributions"Scope.
Dislocated worker.
Employing unit.
EmploymentSitus of service.
EmploymentOut-of-state service, election.
EmploymentOut-of-state service, when included"American employer" defined.
EmploymentLocalized service.
EmploymentForeign degree-granting institutionsEmployee services localized in country of domicile.
EmploymentException tests.
EmploymentServices performed by musician or entertainer.
EmploymentAgricultural labor.
EmploymentFarm internship program.
Service performed in agricultural labor for farm operator or crew leader.
EmploymentDomestic service.
EmploymentCorporate officersElection of coverageNotification.
EmploymentMaritime serviceExceptions.
Family employment.
Services performed by aliens.
EmploymentNonresident alien.
EmploymentForeign governmental service.
EmploymentService covered by federal act.
EmploymentMassage therapist.
EmploymentBarber and cosmetology services.
EmploymentServices of insurance agent, broker, or solicitor, real estate broker or real estate salesperson, and investment company agent or solicitor.
EmploymentTravel services.
EmploymentOutside salesperson paid by commission.
EmploymentNewspaper vendor, carrier, or delivery person.
EmploymentServices performed for temporary services agency, employee leasing agency, or services referral agencyAmateur sports officialsDefinitions.
EmploymentAmateur sports officials.
EmploymentThird-party payer.
EmploymentAppraisal practitioner services.
EmploymentIndian tribes.
EmploymentCasual labor.
EmploymentSmall performing arts.
Employment"Pay period" determination.
Employment office.
MisconductGross misconduct.
Payments in lieu of contributions.
Professional employer organizationsCoemploymentCovered employee.
Unemployed individualIndividual not unemployedUnemployed corporate officerCorporate officer not unemployed.
Wages, remuneration.
Wages, remunerationGovernment or private retirement pension plan paymentsEffect upon eligibilityReduction in benefits.
Wages, remunerationRetirement and disability payments excepted.
Wages, remunerationStock transfers excepted.
Wages, remunerationDeath benefits excepted.
Wages, remunerationExcepted payments.
Wages, remunerationAverage annual wageAverage weekly wageAverage annual wage for contributions purposes.
ConstructionTitle applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
"Application for initial determination" defined: RCW 50.20.140.
"Claim for benefits" defined: RCW 50.20.140.
"Claim for waiting period" defined: RCW 50.20.140.
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