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Audit of revolving, local, and other funds and accounts.

As part of the routine audits of state agencies, the state auditor shall audit all revolving funds, local funds, and other state funds and state accounts that are not managed by or in the care of the state treasurer and that are under the control of state agencies, including but not limited to state departments, boards, and commissions. In conducting the audits of these funds and accounts, the auditor shall examine revenues and expenditures or assets and liabilities, accounting methods and procedures, and recordkeeping practices. In addition to including the results of these examinations as part of the routine audits of the agencies, the auditor shall report to the legislature on the status of all such funds and accounts that have been examined during the preceding biennium and any recommendations for their improved financial management. Such a report shall be filed with the legislature within five months of the end of each biennium regarding the funds and accounts audited during the biennium. The first such report shall be filed by December 1, 1993, regarding any such funds and accounts audited during the 1991-93 biennium.
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