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Performance auditsDefinitions.

For purposes of RCW 43.09.435 through 43.09.460:
(1) "Board" means the citizen advisory board created in RCW 43.09.435.
(2) "Draft work plan" means the work plan for conducting performance audits of state agencies proposed by the board and state auditor after the statewide performance review.
(3) "Final performance audit report" means a written document jointly released by the citizen advisory board and the state auditor that includes the findings and comments from the preliminary performance audit report.
(4) "Final work plan" means the work plan for conducting performance audits of state agencies adopted by the board and state auditor.
(5) "Performance audit" means an objective and systematic assessment of a state agency or any of its programs, functions, or activities by an independent evaluator in order to help public officials improve efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability. Performance audits include economy and efficiency audits and program audits.
(6) "Preliminary performance audit report" means a written document prepared after the completion of a performance audit to be submitted for comment before the final performance audit report. The preliminary performance audit report must contain the audit findings and any proposed recommendations to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, or accountability of the state agency being audited.
(7) "State agency" or "agency" means a state agency, department, office, officer, board, commission, bureau, division, institution, or institution of higher education. "State agency" includes all offices of executive branch state government elected officials.


Findings2005 c 385: "The legislature finds that:
(1) Citizens demand and deserve accountability of public programs. Public programs must continuously improve in quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in order to increase public trust;
(2) Washington state government and other entities that receive tax dollars must continuously improve the way they operate and deliver services so citizens receive maximum value for their tax dollars;
(3) An independent citizen advisory board is necessary to ensure that government services, customer satisfaction, program efficiency, and management systems are world-class in performance;
(4) Fair, independent, professional performance audits of state agencies are essential to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government; and
(5) The performance audit activities of the joint legislative audit and review committee should be supplemented by making fuller use of the state auditor's resources and capabilities." [ 2005 c 385 § 1.]
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