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(1) Except for permissible investments as defined in this section, no state officer or state employee of any agency responsible for the investment of funds, who acts in a decision-making, advisory, or policy-influencing capacity with respect to investments, may have a direct or indirect interest in any property, security, equity, or debt instrument of a person, without prior written approval of the agency.
(2) Agencies responsible for the investment of funds shall adopt policies governing approval of investments and establishing criteria to be considered in the approval process. Criteria shall include the relationship between the proposed investment and investments held or under consideration by the state, the size and timing of the proposed investment, access by the state officer or state employee to nonpublic information relative to the proposed investment, and the availability of the investment in the public market. Agencies responsible for the investment of funds also shall adopt policies consistent with this chapter governing use by their officers and employees of financial information acquired by virtue of their state positions. A violation of such policies adopted to implement this subsection shall constitute a violation of this chapter.
(3) As used in this section, "permissible investments" means any mutual fund, deposit account, certificate of deposit, or money market fund maintained with a bank, broker, or other financial institution, a security publicly traded in an organized market if the interest in the security at acquisition is ten thousand dollars or less, or an interest in real estate, except if the real estate interest is in or with a party in whom the agency holds an investment.
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