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Acts against animal facilitiesInjunction.

Any individual having reason to believe that he or she may be injured by the commission of an intentional tort under RCW 4.24.570 or 4.24.575 may apply for injunctive relief to prevent the occurrence of the tort. Any individual who owns or is employed at a research or educational facility or an agricultural production facility where animals are used for research, educational, or agricultural purposes who is harassed, or believes that he or she is about to be harassed, by an organization, person, or persons whose intent is to stop or modify the facility's use or uses of an animal or animals, may apply for injunctive relief to prevent the harassment.
For the purposes of this section:
(1) "Agricultural production" means all activities associated with the raising of animals for agricultural purposes, including but not limited to animals raised for wool or fur. Agricultural production also includes the exhibiting or marketing of live animals raised for agricultural purposes; and
(2) "Harassment" means any threat, without lawful authority, that the recipient has good reason to fear will be carried out, that is knowingly made for the purpose of stopping or modifying the use of animals, and that either (a) would cause injury to the person or property of the recipient, or result in the recipient's physical confinement or restraint, or (b) is a malicious threat to do any other act intended to substantially cause harm to the recipient's mental health or safety.


Severability1991 c 325: See note following RCW 9.08.080.
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