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Acts against animals kept for agricultural or veterinary purposes.

(1) Joint and several liability for damages shall apply to persons and organizations that commit an intentional tort by taking, releasing, destroying or damaging any animal or animals kept by a person for agricultural production purposes or by a veterinarian for veterinary purposes; or by destroying or damaging any farm or veterinary equipment or supplies pertaining to such animal or animals.
(2) Any person or organization that plans or assists in the development of a plan to commit an intentional tort covered by subsection (1) of this section is liable for damages to the same extent as a person who has committed the tort. However, a person or organization that assists in the development of a plan is not liable under this subsection, if, at the time of providing the assistance the person or organization does not know, or have reason to know, that the assistance is promoting the commission of the tort. Membership in a liable organization does not in itself establish the member's liability under this subsection. The common law defense of prior renunciation is allowed in actions brought under this subsection.
(3) In any case where damages are awarded under this section, the court shall award to the plaintiff all costs of the litigation, including reasonable attorneys' fees, investigation costs, and court costs, and shall impose on any liable party a civil fine of not to exceed one hundred thousand dollars to be paid to the plaintiff.
(4) "Agricultural production," for purposes of this section, means all activities associated with the raising of animals for agricultural purposes, including but not limited to animals raised for wool or fur. Agricultural production also includes the exhibiting or marketing of live animals raised for agricultural purposes.


Severability1991 c 325: See note following RCW 9.08.080.
Criminal acts against animal facilities: RCW 9.08.080, 9.08.090.
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