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Demand accounts in out-of-state and alien banksLimitations.

(1)(a) The commission, or the chair upon delegation by the commission, may authorize state and local governmental entities to establish demand accounts in out-of-state and alien banks in an aggregate amount not to exceed one million dollars. No single governmental entity shall be authorized to hold more than fifty thousand dollars in one demand account.
(b) The governmental entities establishing such demand accounts shall be solely responsible for their proper and prudent management and shall bear total responsibility for any losses incurred by such accounts. Accounts established under the provisions of this section shall not be considered insured by the commission.
(c) The state auditor shall annually monitor compliance with this section and the financial status of such demand accounts.
(2) Subsection (1)(a) of this section does not apply to RCW 39.58.080 (2) and (3).
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