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[Art. 19] Jurisdiction of special courts-martialDishonorable discharge.

Subject to RCW 38.38.176, special courts-martial have jurisdiction to try persons subject to this code for any offense for which they may be punished under this code. A special court-martial has the same powers of punishment as a general court-martial, except that a fine imposed by a special court-martial may not be more than one hundred dollars for a single offense. A dishonorable discharge may not be adjudged unless a complete record of the proceedings and testimony has been made, counsel having the qualifications prescribed under RCW 38.38.260 was detailed to represent the accused, and a military judge was detailed to the trial, except in any case in which a military judge could not be detailed to the trial because of physical conditions or military exigencies. In any such case in which a military judge was not detailed to the trial, the convening authority shall make a detailed written statement, to be appended to the record, stating the reason or reasons a military judge could not be detailed.
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