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[Art. 20] Jurisdiction of summary courts-martial.

(1) Subject to RCW 38.38.176, summary courts-martial have jurisdiction to try persons subject to this code, except officers for any offense made punishable by this code.
(2) No person with respect to whom summary courts-martial have jurisdiction may be brought to trial before a summary court-martial if the person objects thereto, unless under RCW 38.38.132 the person has been permitted and has elected to refuse punishment under that section. If objection to trial by summary court-martial is made by an accused who has been permitted to refuse punishment under RCW 38.38.132, trial shall be ordered by special or general court-martial, as may be appropriate.
(3) A summary court-martial may sentence to a fine of not more than twenty-five dollars for a single offense, to forfeiture of not more than one-half month's pay for two months, to reduction in rank of enlisted soldiers, and to reduction of a noncommissioned officer to the ranks.
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