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Statewide advisory committeeMembership.

(1)(a) From the nominations made under (b) of this subsection, the commission shall appoint a statewide advisory committee, consisting of: Two persons representing county government, two persons representing agricultural organizations, and two persons representing environmental organizations. The commission, in conjunction with the governor's office, shall also invite participation by two representatives of tribal governments.
(b) Organizations representing county, agricultural, and environmental organizations shall submit nominations of their representatives to the commission within ninety days of July 22, 2011. Members of the statewide advisory committee shall serve two-year terms except that for the first year, one representative from each of the sectors shall be appointed to the statewide advisory committee for a term of one year. Members may be reappointed by the commission for additional two-year terms and replacement members shall be appointed in accordance with the process for selection of the initial members of the statewide advisory committee.
(c) Upon notification of the commission by an appointed member, the appointed member may designate a person to serve as an alternate.
(d) The executive director of the commission shall serve as a nonvoting chair of the statewide advisory committee.
(e) Members of the statewide advisory committee shall serve without compensation and, unless serving as a state officer or employee, are not eligible for reimbursement for subsistence, lodging, and travel expenses under RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
(2) The role of the statewide advisory committee is to advise the commission and other agencies involved in development and operation of the program.
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