Chapter 36.70A RCW



HTMLPDF 36.70A.010Legislative findings.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.011FindingsRural lands.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.020Planning goals.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.035Public participationNotice provisions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.040Who must planSummary of requirementsResolution for partial planningDevelopment regulations must implement comprehensive plansTribal participation.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.045Phasing of comprehensive plan submittal.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.050Guidelines to classify agriculture, forest, and mineral lands and critical areas.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.060Natural resource lands and critical areasDevelopment regulations.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.067Effective dateCertain actions under RCW 36.70A.070, 36.70A.110, 36.70A.350, and 36.70A.360.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.070Comprehensive plansMandatory elements.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.080Comprehensive plansOptional elements.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.085Comprehensive plansPort elements.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.090Comprehensive plansInnovative techniques.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.095Comprehensive plansClimate change and resiliency elementAffected counties.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.096Comprehensive plansGreenhouse gas emissions reduction subelementDepartment approval.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.097Climate change and resiliency planning timelineFunding.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.100Comprehensive plansMust be coordinated.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.103State agencies required to comply with comprehensive plans.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.106Comprehensive plansDevelopment regulationsTransmittal to stateAmendmentsExpedited review.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.108Comprehensive plansTransportation elementMultimodal transportation improvements and strategies.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.110Comprehensive plansUrban growth areas.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.115Comprehensive plans and development regulations must provide sufficient land capacity for development.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.120Planning activities and capital budget decisionsImplementation in conformity with comprehensive plan.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.130Comprehensive plansReview procedures and schedulesImplementation progress report.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.131Mineral resource landsReview of related designations and development regulations.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.140Comprehensive plansEnsure public participation.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.142Comprehensive plansSiting of organic materials management facilities.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.150Identification of lands useful for public purposes.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.160Identification of open space corridorsPurchase authorized.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.165Property designated as greenbelt or open spaceNot subject to adverse possession.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.170Natural resource lands and critical areasDesignations.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.171Playing fieldsCompliance with this chapter.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.172Critical areasDesignation and protectionBest available science to be used.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.175Wetlands to be delineated in accordance with manual.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.177Agricultural landsInnovative zoning techniquesAccessory uses.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.180Chapter implementationIntent.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.190Technical assistanceGrantsMediation servicesResolution of tribal disputesModel climate change and resiliency element.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.200Siting of essential public facilitiesLimitation on liability.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.210Countywide planning policies.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.211Siting of schoolsRural areas, when authorizedImpact fees.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.212Siting of schoolsPeriodic updates.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.213Extension of public facilities and utilities to serve school sited in a rural area authorizedRequirements for authorizationReport.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.215Review and evaluation program.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.217Guidance for local governments on the review and evaluation programPublic participationAnalysis and recommendations.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.250Growth management hearings boardCreationMembers.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.252Growth management hearings boardConsolidation into environmental and land use hearings office.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.260Growth management hearings boardRegional panels.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.270Growth management hearings boardConduct, procedure, and compensationPublic access to rulings, decisions, and orders.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.280Growth management hearings boardMatters subject to review.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.290Growth management hearings boardPetitionsEvidence.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.295Growth management hearings boardDirect judicial review.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.300Final orders.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.302Growth management hearings boardDetermination of invalidityVesting of development permitsInterim controls.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.305Expedited review.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.310Growth management hearings boardLimitations on appeal by the state.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.320Presumption of validityBurden of proofPlans and regulations.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.3201Growth management hearings boardLegislative intent and finding.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.330Noncompliance.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.332Training regarding findings of noncompliance.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.335Order of invalidity issued before July 27, 1997.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.340Noncompliance and sanctions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.345Sanctions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.350New fully contained communities.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.360Master planned resorts.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.362Master planned resortsExisting resort may be included.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.365Major industrial developments.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.367Major industrial developmentsMaster planned locations.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.368Major industrial developmentsMaster planned locationsReclaimed surface coal mine sites.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.370Protection of private property.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.380Extension of designation date.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.385Environmental planning pilot projects.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.390Moratoria, interim zoning controlsPublic hearingLimitation on lengthExceptions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.410Treatment of residential structures occupied by persons with handicaps.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.420Transportation projectsFindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.430Transportation projectsCollaborative review process.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.450Family day-care provider's home facilityCounty or city may not prohibit in residential or commercial areaConditions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.460Watershed restoration projectsPermit processingFish habitat enhancement project.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.470Project reviewAmendment suggestion procedureDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.480Shorelines of the state.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.481ConstructionChapter 347, Laws of 1995.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.490Growth management planning and environmental review fundEstablished.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.500Growth management planning and environmental review fundAwarding of grant or loanProcedures.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.510General aviation airports.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.520National historic townsDesignation.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.530Land use development incompatible with military installation not allowedRevision of comprehensive plans and development regulations.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.540Affordable housing incentive programsLow-income housing unitsTiny house communities.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.545Increased density bonus for affordable housing located on property owned by a religious organization.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.550Aquifer conservation zones.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.570Regulation of forest practices.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.590Complying with requirements relating to surface and groundwater resources.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.600Cities planning under RCW 36.70A.040Increasing residential building capacityHousing action plan authorizedGrant assistance.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.610Housing supply and affordability report.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.620Cities planning under RCW 36.70A.040Minimum residential parking requirements.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.630Local design reviewRequirements and restrictions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.635Minimum residential density.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.636Department technical assistanceApproval of alternative action.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.637Extension for certain areas.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.638Extension for lack of infrastructure capacity.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.639Department rules.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.680Accessory dwelling unitsLocal regulation.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.681Accessory dwelling unitsLimitations on local regulation.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.682Accessory dwelling unitsDepartment review of comprehensive plans.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.690On-site sewage system self-inspection.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.695Development regulationsJurisdictions specifiedElectric vehicle infrastructure.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.696Accessory dwelling unitsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.697Accessory dwelling unitsAdoption of requirements.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.698Accessory dwelling unitsOff-street parkingWhen prohibited.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.699Accessory dwelling unitsRights not modified.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.700PurposeIntent2011 c 360.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.702Construction.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.703Definitions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.705Voluntary stewardship program establishedAdministered by commissionAgency participation.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.710Critical areas protectionAlternative to RCW 36.70A.060County's responsibilitiesProcedures.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.715Funding by commissionCounty's dutiesWatershed group established.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.720Watershed group's dutiesWork planConditional priority funding.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.725Technical review of work planTime frame for action by director.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.730Report by watershed groupDirector consults with statewide advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.735When work plan is not approved, fails, or is unfundedCounty's dutiesRules.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.740Commission's dutiesTimelines.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.745Statewide advisory committeeMembership.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.750Agricultural operatorsIndividual stewardship plan.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.755Implementing the work plan.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.760Agricultural operatorsWithdrawal from program.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.800Role of growth strategies commission.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.900Severability1990 1st ex.s. c 17.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.901Part, section headings not law1990 1st ex.s. c 17.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.902Section headings not law1991 sp.s. c 32.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.903Transfer of powers, duties, and functions.
HTMLPDF 36.70A.904Conflict with federal requirements2011 c 360.


Agricultural landsLegislative directive of growth management act: See note following RCW 7.48.305.
Building permitsEvidence of adequate water supply required: RCW 19.27.097.
Expediting completion of projects of statewide significanceRequirements of agreements: RCW 43.157.020.
Impact fees: RCW 82.02.050 through 82.02.100.
Population forecasts: RCW 43.62.035.
Regional transportation planning: Chapter 47.80 RCW.
Subdivision and short subdivision requirements: RCW 58.17.060, 58.17.110.