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Funding by commissionCounty's dutiesWatershed group established.

(1) When the commission makes funds available to a county that has made the election provided in RCW 36.70A.710(1), the county must within sixty days:
(a) Acknowledge the receipt of funds; and
(b) Designate a watershed group and an entity to administer funds for each watershed for which funding has been provided.
(2) A county must confer with tribes and interested stakeholders before designating or establishing a watershed group.
(3) The watershed group must include broad representation of key watershed stakeholders and, at a minimum, representatives of agricultural and environmental groups and tribes that agree to participate. The county should encourage existing lead entities, watershed planning units, or other integrating organizations to serve as the watershed group.
(4) The county may designate itself, a tribe, or another entity to coordinate the local watershed group.
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