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Quieting title to tax-title propertyRedemption before judgment.

(1) Any person, firm or corporation who or which may have been entitled to redeem the property involved prior to the issuance of the treasurer's deed to the county, and his or her or its successor in interest, has the right, at any time after the commencement of, and prior to the judgment in the action authorized herein, to redeem such property by paying to the county treasurer:
(a) The amount of any taxes deferred under chapter 84.37 or 84.38 RCW on the property, including accrued interest, outstanding at the time the county acquired the property by tax deed;
(b) The amount of the taxes for which the property was sold to the county, and the amount of any other general taxes which may have accrued prior to the issuance of said treasurer's deed, together with interest on all such taxes from the date of delinquency thereof, respectively, at the rate of twelve percent per annum;
(c) For the benefit of the assessment district concerned the amount of principal, penalty and interest of all special assessments, if any, which have been levied against such property; and
(d) Such proportional part of the costs of the tax or tax deferral foreclosure proceedings and of the action herein authorized as the county treasurer determines.
(2) Upon redemption of any property before judgment as herein provided, the county treasurer must issue to the redemptioner a certificate specifying the amount of the taxes, including amounts deferred under chapters 84.37 and 84.38 RCW, special assessments, penalty, interest and costs charged describing the land and stating that the taxes, including any applicable deferred taxes, special assessments, penalty, interest and costs specified have been fully paid, and the liens thereof discharged. Such certificate must clear the land described therein from any claim of the county based on the treasurer's deed previously issued in the tax or tax deferral foreclosure proceedings.
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