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Quieting title to tax-title propertySummons and notice.

Upon filing a copy of the summons and notice in the office of the county clerk, service thereof as against every interest in and claim against any and every part of the property described in such summons and notice, and every person, firm, or corporation, except one who is in the actual, open and notorious possession of any of the properties, shall be had by publication in the official county newspaper for six consecutive weeks; and no affidavit for publication of such summons and notice shall be required. In case special assessments imposed by a city or town against any of the real property described in the summons and notice remain outstanding, a copy of the same shall be served on the treasurer of the city or town within which such real property is situated within five days after such summons and notice is filed.
The summons and notice in such action shall contain the title of the court; specify in general terms the years for which the taxes were levied and the amount of the taxes and the costs for which each tract of land was sold; give the legal description of each tract of land involved, and the tax record owner thereof during the years in which the taxes for which the property was sold were levied; state that the purpose of the action is to foreclose all adverse claims of every nature in and to the property described, and to have the title of existing liens and claims of every nature against the described real property, except that of the county, forever barred.
The summons and notice shall also summon all persons, firms and corporations claiming any right, title and interest in and to the described real property to appear within sixty days after the date of the first publication, specifying the day and year, and state in writing what right, title and interest they have or claim to have in and to the property described, and file the same with the clerk of the court above named; and shall notify them that in case of their failure so to do, judgment will be rendered determining that the title to the real property is in the county free from all existing adverse interests, rights or claims whatsoever: PROVIDED, That in case any of the lands involved is in the actual, open and notorious possession of anyone at the time the summons and notice is filed, as herein provided, a copy of the same modified as herein specified shall be served personally upon such person in the same manner as summons is served in civil actions generally. The summons shall be substantially in the form above outlined, except that in lieu of the statement relative to the date and day of publication it shall require the person served to appear within twenty days after the day of service, exclusive of the date of service, and that the day of service need not be specified therein, and except further that the recitals regarding the amount of the taxes and costs and the years the same were levied, the legal description of the land and the tax record owner thereof may be omitted except as to the land occupied by the persons served.
Every summons and notice provided for in RCW 36.35.160 through 36.35.270 shall be subscribed by the prosecuting attorney of the county, or by any successor or assign of the county or his or her attorney, as the case may be, followed by the post office address of the successor or assign.
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