Chapter 36.33 RCW



36.33.010Current expense fund.
36.33.020Cumulative reserve fundPurposesElection to allow other specified use.
36.33.030Cumulative reserve fundAccumulation of, current expense fund limits not to affect.
36.33.040Cumulative reserve fundPermissible uses of funds in.
36.33.060Salary fundReimbursement.
36.33.065Claims fundReimbursement.
36.33.070Investment in warrants on tax refund fund.
36.33.080Investment in warrants on tax refund fundProcedure upon purchaseInterest on.
36.33.090Investment in warrants on tax refund fundBreaking of warrants authorized.
36.33.100Investment in warrants on tax refund fundPurchased warrants as cash.
36.33.120County lands assessment fund createdLevy for.
36.33.130County lands assessment fund createdPurpose of fund.
36.33.140County lands assessment fund createdAmount of levy.
36.33.150County lands assessment fund createdSurplus from tax sales to go into fund.
36.33.160County lands assessment fund createdList of lands to be furnished.
36.33.170County lands assessment fund createdRentals may be applied against assessments.
36.33.190County lands assessment fund createdDisposal of bonds.
36.33.200Election reserve fund.
36.33.210Election reserve fundAccumulation of fundTransfers.
36.33.220County road property tax revenues, expenditure for services authorized.


Abandoned mining shafts and excavation violations, fines for as: RCW 78.12.050.
Assessments and taxes, prepayment and deposit of: RCW 36.32.120.
Authorized for
air pollution control: Chapter 70A.15 RCW.
airport purposes: Chapters 14.07, 14.08 RCW.
validation of funds spent: RCW 14.08.070.
combined city-county health department: RCW 70.08.080.
prior expenditures validated: RCW 70.08.110.
flood control zone districts: RCW 86.15.150, 86.15.160, 86.15.180.
housing cooperation law: Chapter 35.83 RCW.
legal aid: Chapter 2.50 RCW.
mosquito control: Chapter 70.22 RCW.
public utility district election costs: RCW 54.08.041.
railroad crossing signals, warning devices: RCW 81.53.271 through 81.53.281.
river and harbor improvement district joint board expenses: RCW 88.32.220.
toll bridges, tunnels, and ferries: Chapter 47.56 RCW.
traffic schools: RCW 46.83.030.
transcripts of testimony forma pauperis: RCW 2.32.240.
Billiard tables, licensing of, receipts as: RCW 67.14.120.
Bonds, notes of port district toll facility as investment for: RCW 53.34.150.
Bonds of federal agencies as investment for: Chapter 39.60 RCW.
Bonds of housing authority as investment for: RCW 35.82.220.
Bonds to build schools as investment for: Chapter 28A.525 RCW.
Bowling alleys, licensing of, receipts as: RCW 67.14.120.
County law library fund: RCW 27.24.070, 27.24.090.
County road fund
illegal use of, department of transportation to investigate; penalties: RCW 47.08.100, 47.08.110.
moneys from may be paid on establishing, constructing, etc., of streets: RCW 35.77.030.
surplus, unclaimed money in public waterway district funds to go into: RCW 91.08.610, 91.08.620.
traffic control devices to be paid from: RCW 47.36.040.
County school funds: Chapter 28A.545 RCW.
apportionment of: Chapter 28A.150 RCW.
penalties collected paid into: RCW 6.17.120.
violations and penalties applicable to: RCW 28A.635.050, 28A.635.070.
County tax refund fund: RCW 84.68.030.
Disposition of off-road vehicle moneys: RCW 46.68.045.
Distribution of snowmobile registration fees: RCW 46.68.350(2).
Employee safety award program, funds affected: RCW 36.32.460.
Fiscal agent for counties: Chapter 43.80 RCW.
Flood control maintenance fund: RCW 86.26.070.
Forest reserve funds, distribution of: RCW 28A.520.010 and 28A.520.020.
Game and game fish law, fines from violations as: RCW 77.12.170.
Horticultural tax receipts as: Chapter 15.08 RCW.
Indigent soldiers' relief funds, veterans meeting place rent paid from: RCW 73.04.080.
Intercounty river improvement fund: RCW 86.13.030.
excise tax fund moneys as: RCW 82.08.170.
law violation receipts as: RCW 66.44.010.
licensing sale of, receipts as: RCW 67.14.120.
revolving fund moneys as: Chapter 66.08 RCW.
Metropolitan municipal corporation fund: RCW 35.58.430.
Mineral and petroleum leases, moneys as: RCW 78.16.050.
Moneys paid into from
general tax levy for road fund: RCW 36.82.040.
television reception improvement districts: Chapter 36.95 RCW.
Motor vehicle funds allocated to counties
distribution of: RCW 46.68.120.
generally: Chapter 46.68 RCW.
Motor vehicle licensing fees for oversize or overweight movements paid to county, when: RCW 46.44.096.
Public assistance moneys, allocation to counties: Chapter 74.04 RCW.
Public health funds (county): Chapter 70.12 RCW.
Public health pooling fund: RCW 70.12.030 through 70.12.070.
Public utility district privilege taxes as: Chapter 54.28 RCW.
Reforestation lands proceeds as: RCW 79.22.040, 79.22.050.
Registration of land titles, disposition of fees: RCW 65.12.800.
Reserve fund for labor, material or tax liens on public works: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
River improvement fund
flood control maintenance account: RCW 86.12.010, 86.12.020.
generally: Chapter 86.12 RCW.
Sale of stock found in stock restricted area, proceeds as: RCW 16.24.070.
Taxes for city and town purposes: State Constitution Art. 11 § 12.
Teachers' institute fund: RCW 28A.410.060.
Tuberculosis funds, moneys to go into: RCW 70.30.045.
Witness fees of county officers as: RCW 42.16.030.