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RCW 36.32.460

Employee safety award programs.

The board of county commissioners may establish an employee safety award program to reward and encourage the safe performance of assigned duties by county employees.
The board may establish standards and regulations necessary or appropriate for the proper administration and for otherwise accomplishing the purposes of such program.
The board may authorize every department head and other officer of county government who oversees or directs county employees to make the determination as to whether an employee safety award will be made.
Such awards shall be made annually from the county general fund by warrant on vouchers duly authorized by the board according to the following schedule based upon safe and accident-free performance:
years. . . .
years. . . .
years. . . .
years. . . .
years. . . .
years. . . .
PROVIDED, That the board may give such department heads and other officers overseeing and directing county employees discretion to purchase a noncash award of equal value in lieu of the cash award. If a noncash award is given the warrants shall be made payable to the business enterprise from which the noncash award is purchased.
However, safety awards made to persons whose safe and accident-free performance has directly benefited the county road system shall be made from the county road fund by warrant on vouchers duly authorized by the board.
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