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Policy statementService delivery objectives.

(1) Every code city shall maintain a written statement or policy that establishes the following:
(a) The existence of a fire department;
(b) Services that the fire department is required to provide;
(c) The basic organizational structure of the fire department;
(d) The expected number of fire department employees; and
(e) Functions that fire department employees are expected to perform.
(2) Every code city shall include service delivery objectives in the written statement or policy required under subsection (1) of this section. These objectives shall include specific response time objectives for the following major service components, if appropriate:
(a) Fire suppression;
(b) Emergency medical services;
(c) Special operations;
(d) Aircraft rescue and firefighting;
(e) Marine rescue and firefighting; and
(f) Wildland firefighting.
(3) Every code city, in order to measure the ability to arrive and begin mitigation operations before the critical events of brain death or flash-over, shall establish time objectives for the following measurements:
(a) Turnout time;
(b) Response time for the arrival of the first arriving engine company at a fire suppression incident and response time for the deployment of a full first alarm assignment at a fire suppression incident;
(c) Response time for the arrival of a unit with first responder or higher level capability at an emergency medical incident; and
(d) Response time for the arrival of an advanced life support unit at an emergency medical incident, where this service is provided by the fire department.
(4) Every code city shall also establish a performance objective of not less than ninety percent for the achievement of each response time objective established under subsection (3) of this section.
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