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Adoption of codes by reference.

Ordinances may by reference adopt Washington state statutes and state, county, or city codes, regulations, or ordinances or any standard code of technical regulations, or portions thereof, including, for illustrative purposes but not limited to, fire codes and codes or ordinances relating to the construction of buildings, the installation of plumbing, the installation of electric wiring, health and sanitation, the slaughtering, processing, and selling of meats and meat products for human consumption, the production, pasteurizing, and sale of milk and milk products, or other subjects, together with amendments thereof or additions thereto, on the subject of the ordinance. Such Washington state statutes or codes or other codes or compilations so adopted need not be published in a newspaper as provided in RCW 35A.12.160, but the adopting ordinance shall be so published and a copy of any such adopted statute, ordinance, or code, or portion thereof, with amendments or additions, if any, in the form in which it was adopted, shall be filed in the office of the city clerk for use and examination by the public. While any such statute, code, or compilation is under consideration by the council prior to adoption, not less than one copy thereof shall be filed in the office of the city clerk for examination by the public.


Effective date1982 c 226: See note following RCW 35.21.180.
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