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Adoption of classification of noncharter code city without change of governmental plan.

Any incorporated city or town governed under a plan of government authorized prior to the time this title takes effect may become a noncharter code city without changing such plan of government by the use of the petition-for-election or resolution-for-election procedures provided in RCW 35A.02.060 and 35A.02.070 to submit to the voters a proposal that such municipality adopt the classification of noncharter code city while retaining its existing plan of government, and upon a favorable vote on the proposal, such municipality shall be classified as a noncharter code city and retain its old plan of government, such reclassification to be effective upon the filing of the record of such election with the office of the secretary of state. Insofar as the provisions of *RCW 35A.02.100 and 35A.02.110 are applicable to an election on such a reclassification proposal they shall apply to such election.


*Reviser's note: RCW 35A.02.100 and 35A.02.110 were repealed by 1994 c 223 § 92.
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