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Election on question of incorporationCertification of results.

If the results reveal that a majority of the votes cast are for incorporation, the city or town shall become incorporated as provided in RCW 35.02.130. If the proposed city or town is located in more than one county, the auditors of the county or counties in which the smaller portion or portions of the proposed city or town is located shall forward a certified copy of the election results to the auditor of the county within which the major portion is located. This auditor shall add these totals to the totals in his or her county and certify the results to each of the county legislative authorities.
[ 1986 c 234 § 15; 1965 c 7 § 35.02.120. Prior: 1953 c 219 § 6; 1890 p 133 § 3, part; RRS § 8885, part.]


Canvassing returns, generally: Chapter 29A.60 RCW.
Conduct of electionsCanvass: RCW 29A.60.010.
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