Chapter 35.02 RCW



35.02.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
35.02.010Authority for incorporationNumber of inhabitants required.
35.02.015Proposed incorporationsNotice to countyBoundary review board hearing.
35.02.017County auditor shall provide identification number.
35.02.020Petition for incorporationSignaturesFiling deadline.
35.02.030Petition for incorporationContents.
35.02.035PetitionAuditor's duties.
35.02.037PetitionNotice of certification.
35.02.039Public hearingTime limitations.
35.02.040Public hearingPublication of notice.
35.02.070Public hearing by county legislative authorityEstablishment of boundariesLimitations.
35.02.078ElectionsQuestion of incorporationNomination and election of officers.
35.02.086ElectionsCandidatesFilingWithdrawalBallot position.
35.02.090ElectionsConductVoters' qualifications.
35.02.100Election on question of incorporationNoticeContents.
35.02.110Election on question of incorporationBallots.
35.02.120Election on question of incorporationCertification of results.
35.02.125Newly incorporated city or townLiability for costs of elections.
35.02.130Newly incorporated city or townEffective date of incorporationPowers during interim periodTerms of elected officersFirst municipal election.
35.02.132Newly incorporated city or townBudgets.
35.02.135Newly incorporated city or townMay borrow from municipal sales and use tax equalization account.
35.02.137Newly incorporated city or townMoratoria on development permits and approvals.
35.02.139Newly incorporated city or townFirst general election of councilmembers or commissionersInitial, subsequent terms.
35.02.140Disposition of uncollected road district taxes.
35.02.150Pending final disposition of petition no other petition for incorporation to be acted uponWithdrawal or substitutionAction on petition for annexation authorized.
35.02.155Effect of proposed annexation on petition.
35.02.160Cancellation, acquisition of franchise or permit for operation of public service business in territory incorporatedRegulation of solid waste collection.
35.02.170Use of right-of-way line as corporate boundaryWhen right-of-way may be included.
35.02.180Ownership of county roads to revert to city or townTerritory within city or town to be removed from fire protection, road, and library districts.
35.02.190Annexation/incorporation of fire protection districtTransfer of assets when at least sixty percent of assessed valuation is annexed or incorporated in city or town.
35.02.200Annexation/incorporation of fire protection districtOwnership of assets of fire protection districtWhen less than sixty percent.
35.02.202Annexation/incorporation of fire protection districtDelay of transfer.
35.02.205Annexation/incorporation of fire protection districtDistribution of assets of district when less than five percent of district annexedDistribution agreementArbitration.
35.02.210Fire protection district and library districtContinuation of services at option of city or town.
35.02.220Duty of county and road, library, and fire districts to continue services during transition periodRoad maintenance and law enforcement services.
35.02.225County may contract to provide essential services.
35.02.230Incorporation of city or town located in more than one countyPowers and duties of county after incorporationCosts.
35.02.240Incorporation of city or town located in more than one countyTaxesPowers and duties of county after incorporationCosts.
35.02.250Corporate powers in dealings with federal government.
35.02.260Duty of department of community, trade, and economic development to assist newly incorporated cities and towns.
35.02.270Other local governments and state agenciesMay assist newly incorporated cities and towns.


Combined city and county municipal corporations: State Constitution Art. 11 § 16 (Amendment 58).
Fire protection districts, effect upon: Chapter 52.22 RCW.
Incorporation of municipalities: State Constitution Art. 11 § 10 (Amendment 40).
Incorporation proceedings exempt from State Environmental Policy Act: RCW 36.93.170, 43.21C.220.